Bamboo for Business: Out of beta and self sign-up

Last year we announced we are tackling workplace lunch with Bamboo for Business, the easiest way to manage company meals in great local restaurants and coffee shops. Offer your team free lunch and coffee credits to use in restaurants and cafés around your office.

The objective is to give companies of all sizes, a simple and cost efficient way to give employees individual lunch budgets to spend at local restaurants around their office. The fact is, a vast majority of the restaurant trade is still walk-in with 90% of employees claiming that taking a real lunch break helps them feel more refreshed and ready to get back to work. Currently the only options for companies have been canteens, catering and delivery, where the solutions at hand can be cost in-efficient, wasteful and sometimes counterproductive.


Today we’ve taken Bamboo for Business out of beta and available for self sign-up. If you want to give your staff an amazing lunch and coffee experience in local restaurants and cafés, you can sign-up here and get started today.

If you’re an employee and think your company should be using Bamboo for Business, refer them in the messenger bubble to the right. If we sign them up and they spend, we’ll give you €50 in personal credits.