Putting our restaurants on the map!

Hi all,

We’ve got an exciting feature announcement for you. This week we’re rolling out the long awaited release of our new and improved version of the Bamboo app! You’ll notice a change in the design as well as new ways to explore all the great restaurants and café we have to offer.

App Navigation

Don’t worry, you can still order from Bamboo the way you’re used to, but you’ll now notice a navigation bar has been added to the bottom of the screen with three options —

  1. Home - This is the main feed where you will see a list of all Bamboo restaurants near you.

  2. Explore - Here you can see the map view of all these restaurants and café’s, and you can order in each directly from this screen. (more below)

  3. Account - This section acts as your main menu for Bamboo where you can refer your friends, see your order history, add promocodes, change your payment methods, contact Bamboo support, or suggest a store you’d like to see on the app.

map pic 3.png
map pic 2.png
map pic 5.png


By popular demand, we’re putting all our café’s and restaurants on the map, literally! By upgrading to the latest version of the Bamboo app, you’ll now be able to see the exact location of all the fantastic Bamboo merchants near you in a map view, as well as the regular list view you’re all familiar with. This will make it easier to find new food spots & order on the go. For example why not order ahead and have a quick coffee pitstop on the way to work?

The new app will be available on iOS and android to all users by the end of the week. Simply go to your relevant app store and click update to download it.

That’s your lot, but don’t forget— if you refer your friends in the app and they make an order, you’ll both get a fiver off, win win! And of course follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for updates, competitions and a few cheeky promocodes now and then.

All the best!
The Bamboo Team