How to launch and grow mobile orders with Bamboo

First things first... ✋

With mobile ordering, the experience is everything. Now more than ever buying decisions are driven by convenience, customers convert easier when they know the experience will be seamless and efficient. Nothing beats that feeling of walking into your favourite spot and having your lunch waiting for you. That said, there is no point in setting up an ordering system and spending money driving mobile orders if the team are not ready to handle them.

Make sure your staff are ready to take orders

When we set-up your restaurant, we don't just set up hardware and leave. We spend time with staff to run through order experience, give each member of staff the opportunity to order on the app and see the experience from both sides. It's important that your tablet is switched on and the volume is up so that you can be notified when an order takes place. Make sure to train in new staff and if your team needs a refresh just let us know and we'll drop in.

The user's order experience 

When you receive an order try and prepare it for as close the customers desired order time as possible. Hit 'Start' to notify the customer that their order is being prepared and being taken care of. When the order is ready, hit that oh so important 'Order Ready' button. This prompts the customer to go in-store and collect the order. If they don't receive the ready notification they won't know when to collect their order.

The in-store experience

Make sure you have a clear pick-up area in the store where a customer can see their order when they arrive. When orders are ready to collect, label it with the customer's name and drop it at the pick-up area. This means staff can get back to work and the customer can simply grab and go when they arrive. The goal here is to maximise staff's time and efforts while giving customers such an outstanding customer experience so they come back again and again and again and aga...

Have an incentive

Incentives work, get customers excited about this new way of ordering. Let them know that they can order and pay from their desk and earn their loyalty rewards automatically. Talk to our team about offering codes branded to your restaurant with discounts or credit towards users first order and we can have these printed on flyers and cards.

Tell the world 📣

Once you're happy your team is ready to receive orders, we can start to promote offline and online. All partners receive their own branded promotion material to share with their audience. These are a great way to let your biggest fans know they can order from their desk and skip the wait via Bamboo. 

Promoting offline

  • Tell every customer - Hand them a flyer and tell every customer about this new way to save time at ordering.

  • Use stickers -  We can provide stickers to add to your packaging to personalise Bamboo orders with the customer's name and stickers to entice new users with 'Next time, save time. Order ahead with Bamboo'.

  • Both office drops and handing out flyers around your area can be highly beneficial for user acquisition and increasing orders. Please contact the Bamboo team if you need material, support or extra hands in order to do so.

Promoting online

  • Use your social channels - Announce this new way to order using Instagram and Facebook and reach new customers by sponsoring your post to people around your restaurant. 

  • Engage customers with a competition - A simple 'Tag a friend and like our page to win' works well, or if you want to create word of mouth try a 'Share a picture of your order and tag us and you could win €25 credit'. We're a big fan of these and don't mind sponsoring your prize.

  • Add Bamboo to your Facebook -  Create a page call to action such as 'Order Now' or 'Use App' and use your custom URL.

We can promote your restaurant through the area and office flyer drops. We'll also include you in out in-app and online promotion such as email, push message and promoted social posts. 

Continued success 📈

Marketing does not end in any sort of launch, success comes from continued promotion and engagement from staff.

Staff engagement starts with you

It's up to you to let your team know how important you want mobile ordering for your restaurant and the benefits it holds not only for the business but also for them. Get your staff excited about reduced transaction times and time at the till or on the phone, that they can serve more customers in less time, no more miscommunication between customers as the customer picks exactly what they want, giving customers an order ahead option means it's a better experience.

Always be pushing 

If you really want to make mobile ordering a part of your business, promotion shouldn't end after a week. Make it part of your day to day and how you engage with your audience. In-store word of mouth is a powerful way to grow orders. Think about it, you're much more likely to try an app the someone tells you about in a restaurant than if you see a Facebook ad.

We're here to help

When you run out of material let us know and we'll replenish. If you want to run a campaign, we want to help and be part of your success. Let us know if you want us to reach out to businesses and offices in your area, and we can engage them for our employee lunch and coffee programs.

Set targets and review them

Some of our best performing restaurants set targets and goals. They look at what they did to reach X number of orders last week and how they can better that this week. We can help with this by giving you reports of your daily and weekly orders, best selling items and page bounces.

Have you found yourself not taking any of the above approaches and need some support from the Bamboo Team? Get in touch with the team in the chat bubble below and let's do something about it.