Join our team as a Backend Developer 🛠

We’re growing our development team!

Bamboo is a Dublin based startup made up of an international team of customer-obsessed people. The team are focused on changing the way customers interact with their favourite cafes and restaurants. We’re on a mission to solve the problems around queueing, waiting, cash-handling, and workflows for both the food businesses and their customers.

Currently, we are an adaptable team of ten people with our minds set on generating additional business for our restaurants and cafes. We’re building an innovative business and fun product by deconstructing the problems in the food and beverage industry.

The team and founders take pride in Bamboo’s autonomous inclusive approach to making decisions and building products as a team. We keep an open line of communication for ideas and feedback, whether it’s internally from the team, one of our customers, or our daily team standup (used to celebrate yesterday’s successes and discuss failures and results as a team).

Your Mission

We’re looking for someone with the right experience and skills to help us build new backend features, and help design new experiences for customers and our restaurants.

The development team is currently a diverse group of developer generalists with a mix of specialities (Swift iOS, Java Android, React and more).

We usually work in sprints, with a strong peer-review and CI approach to releasing regularly (often more than twice a day).

Our backend is built on Firebase Functions, NodeJS, and Typescript. The existing developers are all versed in backend development, however, we’re looking for you to help us ship backend functionality even faster, working very closely together.

We’re keen on learning new things often. We care about the personal and professional development of our team and dedicate time to a mix of practical and community activities to up-skill ourselves.


  • Join an exciting team with a massive vision

  • Work in the heart of Dublin's financial district

  • Innovating and experimenting with the latest technologies

  • Compensated weekly lunches (choose between 100+ of our partnering stores)

  • Access to Dublin's/Bamboo's startup and technical networks (Previously 2017 Google Adopt a Startup finalists, founders of Dublin's Firebase Meetup, Startuponomics, Websummit 2018 and regulars at various startup events)

  • Competitive salary & compensation

To Apply

Email our CTO ([email protected]) with a description of why you’d make a good fit at Bamboo, along with your CV and anything else that highlights your abilities.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Email your application to Patrick O’Boyle (see 👆).

  2. Within 48 hours, we’ll: Setup a 20 minute 1-on-1 video call with Patrick via Google Meet. We’ll be discussing Bamboo, who we are, your story, your experiences, and your expectations for the job.

  3. Within 48 hours again, we’ll: Arrange a time to meet in our office in the IFSC, Dublin. We take a meeting room with one or two of our developers max, and usually run two twenty-minute scenarios, based on features and bugs we’ve faced in the past.
    For our backend role, a scenario might look like one of these:

    1. Discussing how to design a particular feature and how the flow of the backend would look (i.e: simple drawings on a whiteboard/paper).

    2. Pair-programming style conversation, guiding a developer through the debugging process for a bug that’s causing a backend function to crash.

    3. Discuss/design the main flow of how a new feature could work technically, while considering the client applications, and performance/logic of the feature (e.g: asynchronous design)

    4. Debug with a developer in an open conversation, and discuss how you would go about designing a solution for the bug.