Bamboo for Business.

The best lunch and coffee experience for your employees

Customers no longer have a payment problem, they have a time problem. The expectation has changed, now time and convenience drives conversion.


“One of our biggest problems was that people walked by at lunch, saw the large queue and kept walking. Now that our core customers use Bamboo they know they are going to get their food when they want it with no queueing.”
– Ani Manager of Foodie


Happy Employees
Give your staff independence at lunch to order what they want, when they want it.


Cost Effective
The company only pays or co-pays regular menu prices. No additional fees and no left overs.

Save Employee Time
The average employee spends over an hour a working week in a lunch queue. That's nearly three days a year.


More Choice
No more set menus or left over catering. Staff can choose from restaurants and menus around their office.


Employee lunches, made easy 

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes from 200+ person recruitment firms to 10 person tech startups. We'll make your employee lunches easy to manage and loved by your employees.


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Your company will have the first €100 credit on us to try. Limited time only.


How it works

Employees can enjoy lunch and coffee on their own schedule. They can order, pay, and earn rewards from their desk and be in-and-out of the restaurant or cafe in seconds.


Request a trial

Free setup. No contracts or commitments. Start (or cancel) at any time.

Your company will have the first €100 credit on us to try. Limited time only.