Case Study: How Foodie grew customers and loyalty with Bamboo


The Challenge Facing Restaurants Today

The food services industry has become a competitive environment fighting for customers. Restaurants are turning to new strategies to set themselves apart and ensure that every customer that comes in the door is satisfied and enticed to return daily.

Foodie faced the challenge last year of trying to stand out as a healthy, delicious and affordable option for professionals. With new competition popping up frequently, they needed a way to satisfy and attract new consumers.

Embracing Mobile Ordering

Foodie adopted Bamboo, a mobile platform that gives customers the power to order breakfast and lunch conveniently in a few clicks.
Since then, Foodie has increased average order sizes by 32% and increased breakfast and lunch throughput by 70+ orders daily.

“One of our biggest problems was that people walked by at lunch, saw the large queue and kept walking. Now that our core customers use Bamboo they know they are going to get their food exactly when they want it with no queueing.
– Ani, Foodie's Manager

How did Foodie become a winner with their customers?

Investing in Staff

Well trained, capable and empowered staff are the heart of a good business. Foodie allowed Bamboo to illustrate how the ordering service can benefit their bottomline and increase efficiency and happiness within their team.

"It's very popular amongst all of the staff. Every day we designate a person to process orders and today for example we had to get another girl to help because there were just so many orders coming in. Knowing more about our customers is a nice touch!"

Ani, Foodie's Manager

Keep the Existing & Entice the New

The next step for Foodie was enhancing their customer's journey. They believe that a customer should be able to enjoy their food and consistent service without having to stand in a queue.

Foodie's Secrets to Happy Customers:

  1. Treating every Bamboo order like they would treat a physical customer in-store.

  2. Investing time into ensuring every regular customer is aware that they can take advantage of convenient online ordering. 

  3. Ensuring their Bamboo customers have a seamless order and collection experience.
    (Labelling every lunch bag and coffee cup with the Bamboo sticker and the customers name lead to customers collecting in less than 5 seconds.)

Foodies customer.jpg

The Virtual Queue Effect

Before Bamboo, Foodie consistently had a lunch-time queue of regulars spanning to their doorstep, but no further.
A year later, after converting their existing customers onto the Bamboo virtual queue, their physical queue at lunch-time remains the same.


People simply view queues as another stress and anxiety. Foodie reducing their visual queue lead to an increase in new customers. Foodie have since taken advantage of this effect, and effectively turned their queue bottleneck problem into a nice funnel of potential new online ordering customers. Increasing the number of daily customers and their average order size.

How Can You Take Advantage?

By adopting these same processes that Foodie took. Training staff and management, ensuring the best customer experience possible, and utilising Bamboo to capture and retain more customers.